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Ya ever heard of a little company called Busabout? Well, if you haven't its one of the alternates to the Eurail passes, and a nifty little thing.

First off, I'f you want to get informed you can go to http://www.busabout.com and read about the company. It changes every year, so don't plan too much ahead, or the route you want may not be available.

From the website:
Busabout is a hop-on hop-off style travel network for the free-spirited independent traveller.

Busabout offers travellers flexibility, independence, safety and security, ease of use and most importantly fun and adventure! Our style of travel is nestled somewhere between conventional coach tours and a rail pass. Busabout offers travel passes based on time or the number of places you’d like to visit. You can travel to any of the fascinating cities, enchanting towns and charming villages on Busabout’s network. We have selected the 41 most popular European destinations and worked them into easy to use travel circuit.

You can start or finish anywhere on our network. Create your own itinerary. Combine Busabout with budget airline tickets to make the most of your precious travel time. It’s your trip so, see what you want when you want. The real joy of Busabout is that the coaches are exclusively for independent travelers, so it’s easy to meet like-minded people.

Although Busabout has an intimate and independent feel, it is part of a large international travel group, The Travel Corporation, with over 50 years experience in Europe. Our success has been built on reliability, quality and commitment to service. You can travel with total confidence and security.

What do I think about it? Well, I honestly loved it. Loved it loved it. It's very easy, and the drivers are nice and friendly. I actually missed the bus the first time I had scheduled to take it (I was in Amsterdam and had not stayed at the Busabout hostel) but they came back for us (4 of us had missed the bus) It made us fall back on time, but trains don't come back for you, do they?

1) Friendly staff
Everyone was very nice. A bunch of Australians, but very nice. ;) No, really, they give you a bit of background into the city (yey! you don't have to read a guide) and are helpful on any questions you may have.
2) They come back for you (well, they did for us!!)
This might have been a special case thing, but still!
3) Easy drop-off right AT A HOSTEL!
You don't have to go looking for a hostel all over the city, carrying your heavy bags from one place to another.
4) They cover most of the big cities.
The go to all the capitals, where most everyone wants to go, but they also offer some small cities on the way.
5) The buses are air-conditioned and clean.
6) You meet other travelers.
Most everyone on the bus is in their early 20's to early 30's.
7)Most people speak English!
Yey! Communication isn't a problem. Americans, Canadians, Irish, English Kiwis and Aussies unite!
8) They have activities you can sign up for on the bus.
8) It's safe and reliable.

1) You can't really venture out to much to really tiny cities along the way
2) The guides can sometimes be a bit annoying.
3) They might wake you up when its time for a lunch/gas /toilet break.
4) Scheduled toilet breaks
5) You have to plan everything according to THEIR schedule
6) The routes don't always go both ways.
7) The hostels can be far from the city center.
8) You don't get to walk up and down the bus.
9) The movies they put on are sometimes annoying (like the guides!)

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