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Ello, my name's Mallory. I'm your new member.
I'll be 18 in a few weeks and I'm from Louisiana, not New Orleans. I joined this community for next fall I plan to hop across Europe with my lover. We will stay with my grandmother who lives in Weisbaden, Germany, as well as visit Amsterdam, Berlin, maybe some of France. Aaron wants to go to Scotland, but it just depends on how much money we save =).
I've been to Germany five times in my life but only one that counts in my memory, when I was 14. I learned the glory of an orgasm over there, by myself. So it holds special meaning I guess.
Anyhow, I was lucky enough that I got a tour of towns with two German-American girls that knew their way around. And my grandmother let me go crazy, or so I thought...but I sooned learned that it was just a more relaxed way of life over there. Or at least in the places that drew me in. I miss that sense of freedom to just "be" and I am well fed up with America in every sense of it. If Aaron likes it enough, we'll probably plan to just stay. Even though my mother is bitter about HER mom jetting out of the country. Well, I must say I will do what I damn please.
So I'll be posting as I'm making plans and as questions arise...I tend to be full of them. Looking forward to being a part of this and I must say that I do not know what it is to truly love to travel because I have only been to Germany and France...but what can I say, I just want to get the hell out of this place and stop having to pretend that I'm happy living this way...and meet some similar-minded people. Laterrrr.
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